Survival Summit

Occurring annually in January, typically around Martin Luther King Day, this conference-style training offers something for the whole family; firefighters, spouses and children.  The Survival Summit focuses on topics of firefighter survival from developing and learning new mental coping procedures to putting a few more tools in the mental tool box that you can use on scene. Spouses are brought together where they can meet other spouses that are married to “the pager” and they too can learn different types of survival techniques and coping skills. Drop the kids off for the day at the children’s events where they will be supervised by the early childhood staff of the EHOVE Career Center and partake in culinary classes, arts and crafts projects or just chill with a movie and meet new friends.

The day kicks off with a keynote speaker who both firefighters and spouses are encouraged to attend. From there the firefighter and spouse sessions split paths and follow a rotational schedule based on the topics preselected during your online registration.  The firefighter paths offer everything from tactical topics and strategies to continuing education credits for fire inspectors.  The spouse paths offer engaging round-table events, various self-care topics delivered by local healthcare professionals and fun, creative hands-on sessions where you might pick up a new hobby or pamper yourself with a chair massage, facial, or a mani-pedi courtesy of the EHOVE cosmetology students.

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