Huron County Firefighters and World Trade Center September 11th Memorial

    The Huron County Firefighters Memorial is located on Shady Lane Drive in Norwalk, Ohio. The land for the memorial was reserved by the Huron County Commissioners effective June 2011. The Huron County Firefighters Memorial is comprised of a 6’ square 4’ tall granite base. The base is inscribed with the names of Firefighters from Huron County that have given their lives in the line of duty while protecting lives and property.

    Sitting atop the base is a 54” custom made bronze statue imported from Italy of a firefighter kneeling. The Firefighter is paying his respects and honoring those whose names are inscribed on the base. He is also looking towards the World Trade Center beam in remembrance of the many sacrifices made on that tragic day. In the background are 3 flag poles that rise high above the Memorial to signify the American Spirit.

    In March 2011, a piece of American history was brought to Huron County by local firefighters through a program involving the New York and New Jersey Port Authorities. This symbol of American spirit was resurrected from the rubble at Ground Zero after the attacks on America on September 11th, 2001. It is important to display this symbol for the generations to come to remember the sacrifices of 343 New York City Fire Department Firefighters and many great Americans that fateful day.

    The World Trade Center Beam measured 343″ long when it was brought from the John F. Kennedy Airport staging area to Huron County. This length ironically symbolized the 343 firefighters that were killed that day during their efforts to save the many people trapped by the flames, smoke and debris. 3 other memorials containing pieces of this beam are on display at the North Fairfield Fire Department, Mapleton High School, and Lorain County Joint Vocational School, as members of each of those organizations were involved in acquiring and bringing this part of our nation’s history to Huron County. The remaining 14′ (approx.) is displayed next to the Huron County Firefighters Memorial with the 54″ bronze statue of a Firefighter kneeling in honor and watching over it.

    This piece of American history is symbolic of the citizens of Huron County and their patriotism along with their appreciation of the sacrifices made not only by our county residents but those of our great country.

    The Huron County Firefighters Association has been proudly serving the citizens of Huron County since 1975. Their main goal was to create a countywide mutual aid system that provides assistance to each department, including equipment, training, and manpower.

    Huron County Firefighters Association Member Departments

    • Bellevue Fire Department
    • Huron River Joint Fire Department (Monroeville)
    • New London Fire Department
    • North Fairfield Fire Department
    • Norwalk Fire Department
    • Plymouth Fire Department
    • Tri-Community Fire Department
    • Townsend Fire Department
    • Wakeman Fire Department
    • Willard Fire Department

    Other HCFA Departments, not in Huron County

    • Attica Fire Department
    • Berlin Heights Fire Department
    • Milan Fire Department
    • North Central EMS